Monique Fouquet

Drawing is...

Drawing is an embodiment of experience. Like Richard Serra's 1967-69 list of verbs and Amy Silman's 2017 lecture at The Menil Foundation, drawing is a performative act with direct and consequential relation to time. Whether for recording observations or visualizing moments, drawing always suggest space as a dimention and repository of thinking. 


As poetic gestures, drawings evoke imaginative awareness of possible worlds with interacting forms that suggest continuity beyond the limitation of a sheet of paper or another surface. Consequently, most of my drawings are developed into series emphasizing connections but also ruptures. 


While the greater part of my work encompasses drawing on paper, more recent explorations include traditional stop-motion animation. At its initial stage, the first few films were concerned with the  COVID crisis and protocols. In an effort to combat isolation and loneliness, one might keep occupied by untangling wool (Anecdote #1), repeatedly putting on and removing surgical gloves (Anecdote #2), or doing Origami ( Anecdote #4). More recently, my interest has shifted to animation as a dynamic form that investigates how drawing moves on the screen without explicit narratives. 


Drawing involves the brain, hand and eyes working in a continuous feedback loop. Methods and forms are invented from a process based on observations, memory an analysis. Drawing is a way of asking questions, of making connections with things inside and outside of art. 


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